Why Consignment?


We understand you have plenty of options for getting rid of clothing--you can donate it to a thrift store, you give it away to friends and family, you can sell it for pennies on the dollar on social media, or do something else altogether.

When it comes time to clean out the closet, the basement, the spare room at your house, or to clear space for new clothing for your growing children—we think consignment should be your first choice. Here are a two big reasons:

  • It is environmentally friendly—keeping clothing or household items out of the landfill is important.

  • It makes financial sense—if your things have value, and they usually do, you deserve to get some of that value back if you can.

Why sell at Divine Consign instead of an app or social media website? It is a great question. The biggest thing is we believe in what we do. At our store, your items will be displayed alongside other high-quality items. Since the store opened in 2004, Divine Consign has established a reputation for quality. And we think our wide selection helps too—with clothing and accessories for everyone in the family, and furniture, home decor, gifts, and upcycled vendor items.